‘Lil Fairy Doors

Was there ever a time in your parenthood where every time your child lost a tooth the thought, “oh great…” crossed your mind? “What do I do to make this fun or creative?” OR the small tragic memory I have from my childhood was when my mother told me that she would call santa personally on the phone if I didn’t clean my room before Christmas, “GASP!” Boy did I rush around to stuff things in my closet and under my bed. Who wants Santa skipping their house? Well, not long ago I stumbled upon these SUPER cute ‘lil fairy doors. Not only are they novel and creative, but they help your children build their imaginations while giving parents clever ways to surprise or teach their children; I fell in love. When I watched the story of how the ‘lil fairy doors were made, I wondered, “where were these when I needed something other than my mother nagging me to clean my room?”

 'lil fairy door


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